Lamplight Designs, Inc was established in 1992 by a couple from New York. They moved permanently down to Mason, Texas and ran the business from a building in their back yard, only adding a few employees over the years.

In 2001, the couple sold the business to a British high end lighting manufacturer, Bella Figura Ltd. Lamplight Designs then became a fully owned subsidiary of Bella Figura Ltd. Lamplight experienced a rapid growth over the next few years, but maintained the unique style that characterizes the line.

Freddie Silerio (Director of Production and V.P.) and Deborah Hofmann (Director of Sales and PR) have been diligently running Lamplight for 3 years.

Deborah Hofmann has worked for Lamplight Designs Inc. since 2002 also working for Bella Figura in the United Kingdom in 2004. She graduated from the University of Mary Hardin Baylor with a BFA in Design. She has been using not only her artistic background but also her experience in sales and marketing to beautify and enhance the company.

Freddie Silerio has been an instrumental and key player in Lamplight since 2001. He has an unprecedented knowledge of this company and has remained the constant in Lamplights level of excellence since his employment.

Their objective is that Lamplight Designs Inc. will continue to provide entirely handcrafted, unique, quality Lighting and serve to the highest level of excellence.


Lamplight Designs is and will remain purely a manufacturing company, never a simply assembly, with everything being handcrafted in Mason, Texas. All fixtures are crafted out of metal, either in brass or steel, and then decorated in a wide range of finishes. The unique style and exquisite quality of Lamplight Designs attracts customers from all over the United States.

These customers seek the very best quality and appreciate the bespoke nature that has always characterized the company. Each product is born and developed inside the walls of our premises. Thus, the rigid quality control procedure follows the product at each step of its progress, ensuring a unique level of craftsmanship that has become the signature of Lamplight Designs. Our customizing capabilities are outstanding and you can read more about this in the section titled "Customizing".

At Lamplight we strive to provide our customers with products that are not only unique, but also of a quality that enables them to be passed on from on generation to another. In a world of increasing mass production, Lamplight remains an operation offering entirely handmade products to the highest standards with everything being made on American soil, from the beginning to the end.