Dear Friends and Valued Colleagues,
As you may know, Freddie Silerio (Director of Production and V.P.) and I, Deborah Hofmann (Director of Sales and PR)
have been diligently running Lamplight for nearly 3 years. We are proud to announce that we purchased Lamplight Designs Inc.
from Jan Blomqvist in June of 2008. This has positioned our company for growth while still offering our high level of service
and flexibility for our customers. We will continue to improve the development, manufacturing, and shipment of our products.


We would like to share with you our commitment to building on Lamplight's positive legacy.
We recently introduced several new products which are displayed in a new product booklet available upon request.
Lamplight will be launching new products annually, eventually coming out with a new catalog.


Our goal is to be recognized by our customers and showrooms as the leader in uniquely handcrafted, quality lighting strictly made in the USA.
We feel Lamplight will benefit from not only our experience and long history in this industry but our passion and love for this business.


I, Deborah Hofmann, have worked for Lamplight Designs Inc. since 2002 also working for Bella Figura in England in 2004.
I graduated with a BFA and am excited to use my training in design, sales, and marketing to beautify and enhance the company.
Freddie Silerio has been an instrumental and key player in Lamplight since 2001. He has an unprecedented knowledge of
this company and has remained the constant in Lamplights level of excellence since his employment. We are confident that Lamplight Designs Inc.
will continue to serve you to greatest of our ability in the future. We also want to express our sincere appreciation for all the support
you have provided Lamplight over the years and during this progressive period.